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Fardar worldwide Express

Company History

● June 1983 formed in Taipei, provided custom broker service

● March 1985 started courier service for Taiwan companies invested in Mainland China

● January 1987 established FARDAR Express Worldwide Limited (HK) in Hong Kong

● July 1991 setup its operation in Canton, China

● April 1993 adopted computer technology to do its internal MIS

● June 1993 setup mainland China headquarter in Shen Zhen

● March 1994 started Shanghai operation

● September 1995 setup Zhu Hai hub

● December 1996 installed the first web-based tracking system

● June 1999 granted ISO-9002 certification by SGS.

● July 2000 setup Dong Guan hub

● January 2002 setup eastern China headquarter in Shanghai

● August 2003 constructed a 3000 square meter hub near Shen Zhen airport which can handle 10,000 shipments a day

● June 2004 setup Hong Zhou hub near Shanghai

● September 2005 adopted a fully integrated computer system that can handle more shipments efficiently

● July 2006 setup a call center in Shen Zhen headquarter that can handle all the phone calls for China and Taiwan

● September 2006 started daily trucking service between Canton and Shanghai

Our Strength

● FDE wholly owned more than 50 stations and over 600 employees in Southern China,working 24 hours around the clock and provide same day delivery service within this region

● FDE owns the best online tracking system in greater China region

● FDE owns 20 stations and 3 hubs in Shanghai area that can handle most of the courierservices within the region.

● FDE using automatic dispatching system in Shen Zhen hub which minimize the error rate to less than 1 error every 10,000 shipments

● With FDE's custom brokerage background ,the shipment will be faster when crossing the border

● Invested in IT technology more than a decade, fully automated in sales, operation, accounting, and customer service.

● FDE has many years' experiences in international courier business working with DHL,GDA etc. We also operate several direct routes with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

● FDE believes people is the key to success for a service company and invested a lotresources in training its personnel

Our Business

We provide quality services to our customers in:

● Greater China Courier

● Local Courier Service in China

● International Courier

IT System

FDE's IT system is based on internet web server.Each station is connected to a central server via Internet ISP.Therefore, FDE is able to provide its customers of up todate information on parcel movements. The tracking system provides the ability to scanall parcels into and out of any physical location.

We use hand-held scanners to transfer the shipping data to the central database immediately. The technologies also make our dispatch system more efficient and flexible